Idea Stores


Wonderful possibilities of collaborative working with Idea Stores in Tower Hamlets. Friday night 'Scratch Band' and adding singing to community ESOL classes


We've got some great stuff in the planning. Drinking songs at a micro brewery - a double whammy of tasting! A marching band through the market . . . and more!




We had a great meeting last week with our future tutors. What a great, enthusiastic group they were, so much passion, so many fantastic ideas; can't wait to see the courses which are starting in June


Website Launch


Hope you are enjoying our beautiful website courtesy of Igloo Web Designs, Webby Award nominated.


Music matters


Why music? Music is ubiquitous, emotional, relaxing, engaging, stimulating, distracting, physical, ambiguous, social, communicative, universal, and mathematical; it affects behaviour, and plays a key role in identity.

Music has a special power to move us and stir our emotions. Anyone who has ever wiped tears away from their eyes listening to their favourite sad song will know how powerful simple notes and chords can be.

Music can be a great pick-me-up for when you are feeling stressed. According to 2011 figures from the mental health charity Mind, nearly a third of people plugged into their music players to give them a mood boost about work, and almost one in four said that they find listening to music on the way to the workplace helps them de-stress.


Through engaging, challenging, and encouraging music courses and activities, we give people in deprived areas of London a chance to express themselves, acknowledge difference, and come together as a cohesive community.

Studies have shown that music, encourages learning and development. provides opportunities to socialize, positively affects health and well-being, improves IQ and betters social skills.


We're launching a new site soon!