Types of cookies

The main function of cookies is to help make the user’s browsing experience as smooth as possible. Different types of cookies do this in different ways.

Session cookies

These allow sites to remember some of the user’s actions during a single browser session and they expire when you close your browser window. For example, they're used to remember what you've put in a shopping basket.

Persistent cookies

These are stored on a user’s device between browser sessions to remember their preferences or actions across the site. For example, any settings they change during a browsing session will be remembered when they return to the same site later.

First party cookies

These cookies are set by the same website that you're visiting, and can only be viewed by that site.

Third party cookies

These are set by a domain other than the one being visited. A website might use an embedded video from YouTube, for example, which might set its own cookies.

Cookies on this site

Our website uses first party Google Analytics cookies to collect anonymous information about how visitors use the site in order to help us improve it. They're first party because only this domain sets them and no other website has access to the data.




More information

Session cookie PHPSESSID To provide users with basic website functionality during their visit.
Google Analytics _utma
We use these cookies to collect information, in an entirely anonymous format, about how visitors use the site. Click here for an overview of privacy at Google.

Why we love cookies

We think cookies make the Internet a better place. They're safe, anonymous, and give people an easier, faster experience on websites. Cookies let sites remember if you wanted to save certain details, show developers the pages no-one ever visits, and recall what you've put in your shopping basket.

Cookie options

If you continue browsing this site, we'll assume you're happy with our use of cookies. But if you'd rather opt out, we've found some helpful instructions here.