Projects for kids:

Sound Games

The project will deliver a series of workshops at which the kids will learn how to make music by putting together simple beats, rhythms and words to be recorded, then by layering sections of sound, building up an auditory picture into a piece of music. This workshop will give an insight into the inspiring and creative process of producing a piece of music by recording sound and music which once mastered will be available as a CD or download. The project aims to build confidence by developing musical skills to get kids engaged in a creative activity, improve language skills through the production of lyrics and learn how work as part of a team with a focused goal and most importantly - have fun!

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Projects in the community :

Families in Music

Working with established and well known classical music providers, this project will provide the opportunity to families from less privileged communities, to work with arts practitioners such as puppeteers, dancers, musicians alongside language/literacy tutors, to have a hands on introduction to a specific music or dance piece. After two or three workshops, families will attend a performance, fully funded, at a prestigious venue in London. This project will help improve confidence, language skills, increase knowledge and hopefully take some of the mystique out of classical music.

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In the community:

Music in the Community

Help us find projects to fund. Do you know of a community group, a school, a day centre for older people who would benefit from a good old sing-song? If you do please let us know and we will see what we can do. email

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New course:

Language and Music

We are currently working on an idea of using music to help bilingual families improve there English, a bit like back in the school days where you learnt French songs in your French lesson. We are thinking about the doing the same with maths, now there's a challenge.



£50,000 by the end of 2014

Every course you attend will automatically generate some income for our projects but you could also make a donation when you are feeling flush. Give something back to those less fortunate than you.

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